A broadcast campaign is an email that is sent to either all of your subscribers or to subscribers who have a particular tag/s assigned to them or to subscribers who fall under a particular segment/s.

You'll be able to design the email, schedule a time for it to be sent, and choose who will receive it. Once it's sent you'll receive a detailed report on how it performed.

a. Watch this small walkthrough video to learn how to create your first broadcast on MuxEmail -

b. Or you can also follow these written instructions step by step to create your first broadcast.

  1. Navigate to the Broadcast page in the Campaigns tab of your MuxEmail account

  2. Add all the basic details including sender email, sender name, and the subject line. It is recommended that you select Amazon SES as your sending server since MuxEmail Server can only send 2000 emails. Click on Next.

  3. Design your email using our text editor or using the Drag and Drop email builder. Use can also use existing templates or import and HTML email code.

  4. Proceed to select the subscriber segment who should receive this email.

  5. The last step allows you to schedule the campaign or to send it immediately.

Need help? Send us a chat message or email to [email protected].

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