You may find MuxEmail very similar to other email marketing softwares out there. We help you grow your email list and automatically send emails to your subscribers based on their stage in the buyer journey.

Then how is MuxEmail different:

1. Tag-based contacts manager (Directory)

Most email marketing tools allow you to create multiple independent email lists in their contacts manager. The problem with lists, is that the data becomes hard to manage as your lists grow. You will never be able to pinpoint at which stage of the buyer/reader journey your subscribers are. The other problem with independent lists is that email providers can count the same subscriber in multiple lists and charge you more.

2. High deliverability with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

We encourage you to create your own free Amazon Web Service account and connect it to MuxEmail. It's a one-time task that is immensely beneficial for you. SES is used by millions of small and large companies and is well-known for its high inbox deliverability rates. There's another reason why SES is awesome (see below).

3. The Costs

You'd have noticed a peculiar thing about MuxEmail's pricing section. There's only one plan. "But what if I have 1 million subscribers?", you may ask. Sure, you will still be on that same plan. We won't charge you more because you are growing too fast. The only other expense for you is SES. Amazon SES by far is the least expensive email server in the world. It's built for scale and charges you $1 for every 10,000 email you send. It's nearest competitor is 10 times more expensive. Not only that, the first 62,000 email you send every month is free. Beat that!

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