Getting started is a little different with MuxEmail. Since you will be sending email campaigns from your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, there is a one-time task for you.

3 steps before you start:

  1. Connect Amazon SES with MuxEmail

  2. Verify your website domain with Amazon SES

  3. Apply for Amazon SES development access

Connect Amazon SES with MuxEmail

SES or Simple Email Service allows you to send emails to anybody. You will need a free Amazon Web Services account out to access it.

1. Once you have logged in, search for IAM in the search box under the Services section.

2. Next, select Users from the left side menu.

3. and click on Add User.

4. Enter muxemail as the User name and select Programmatic access as access type. Then proceed to the Permissions.

5. On the Permissions page, select the Attach existing policies directly option.

Use the Search Bar to find AmazonSESFullAccess. Proceed to the next section.

6. Now you can add any tags here for tracking purposes. But since this step is optional, you can skip it.

7. On the Review Page, check that the correct policies have been chosen and then select Create user.

8. At this point, the New user is created and you shall see a Success Message. Please copy the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key of the IAM user. (Very Important to save this in a safe place.)

9. Next, add the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in your MuxEmail account. You may also have to select a the SES region there. Note: If you have development access to any particular region, select it and hit Save.

Note : Your Amazon SES keys are confidential. If they fall into wrong hands, it could have grave consequences. Therefore we have decided to encrypt your Amazon SES keys inside your MuxEmail account. Once the configuration is saved, no one, not even you will be able to see the keys you have saved.

This makes sure that your Amazon SES account always remains safe from any foreign attacks

Next steps:

1. Verify your website domain with Amazon SES

2. Apply for Amazon SES development access

That's it! You are ready to send your first campaign.

Reach out to us via chat or write to [email protected] if you need any help doing this.

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