AWS places all new accounts in the Amazon SES sandbox. While your account is in the sandbox, you cannot send emails. AWS applies this restriction to help prevent fraud and abuse, and to protect your reputation as a sender.

a. Watch this small video to learn how you can get out of Sandbox mode -

b. Or you can also follow these written instructions step by step to get out of Sandbox mode -

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console at

2. In the navigation pane, under Email Sending choose Sending Statistics.

3. For Your account details, choose Edit your account details

4. In the account details modal, fill out the following account details:

For Enable production access, choose Yes.

For Mail Type, choose the type of email that you plan to send.

For Website URL, enter the URL of your website you verified -

For Use case description [VERY IMPORTANT], explain how you plan to use Amazon SES to send email. Here are some things you should include while writing your Use case description -

  1. Be as detailed as possible on how you are building your email list

  2. What kind of emails you send

  3. How many subscribers you currently have

  4. How do you unsubscribe people and manage bounces and complaints (For this you can write that you manually remove all the unsubscribes and bounces from your email list - In reality MuxEmail takes care of your bounces, complaints and unsubscribes)

  5. How many emails you will be sending too. Low is better for new accounts.

5. When you finish, choose Submit for review.

Know that AWS team will manually check your request and they're very careful about it. Based on your Use Case Description and if you meet their non-spam criteria you will be granted Production Access within 24-hours. For new accounts, you may be granted a sending quota between 10,000 - 50,000 emails/day.

That's it. Your account is now ready for sending emails using MuxEmail.

Reach out to us via chat or by writing to [email protected] if you need any help from us.

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