There are a number of ways to add contacts to your MuxEmail account:

a. File Import - You can upload a CSV formatted file with your contacts. If you are switching over from another platform, you are able to export the list from the other system and import it onto MuxEmail. You can have as many columns as you want and you can map those columns to the correct information while uploading your contacts.

b. Manually - The option to enter the contacts one at a time and input their yourselves is one that is always available.

Watch this small video to learn how to import a list of contacts by uploading a CSV file and also how to import contacts one at a time, manually -

c. MuxEmail Form - Right now, every account gets form/optin page creator feature. This can be embedded into the HTML of your website too.

Watch this small video to learn how to create your opt in form and use it as an independent landing page or embed it on your website to start accepting new contacts (Note : The video below is of the old UI, but the functionality remains the same) -

d. Third party app via Zapier - If you use another app to accept contacts (like typeform, paperform, google forms etc), our Zapier integration will allow you to send data from your app to MuxEmail. You can also use our double opt in email feature to send a confirmation email to subscribers coming in via 3rd party apps making sure that no spam address ends up on your mailing list.

You can watch this small video to learn how to connect your favorite apps with MuxEmail using Zapier -

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