We've already told you that unlike most email services, MuxEmail is not a list-based but a tag-based (or subscriber-based) platform. What do we mean by this and how is it better?

We adopted a tag-based system to make managing your subscribers easier for you and keep your costs low. Learn more here.

There is only one list.

Each subscriber is added and counted only once. Tags are used to organize your subscribers. They let you easily group people for targeted messages without having to make a new email list every time. You can create custom tags like VIP, prospects, did not open, donors—whatever groups make sense for your audience. That way you can focus on engaging specific contacts for better results.

You can assign tags to a subscriber or to group of subscribers when you are adding them (via - forms, CSV import and 3rd party apps via Zapier) and also later.

You will be able to access all your tags and create new ones from the navigation bar on the top of your MuxEmail account.

Watch this small video to learn how to create and assign tags to your contacts -

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