Segments is the backbone of your MuxEmail account. They are one of the most powerful features on MuxEmail and they let you segment contacts into different groups based on their interest, behaviour, country, gender, the tags they have been assigned etc.

This allows you to send hyper personalized emails to each of your subscribers based on their interest and behavior, thus driving higher open and click through rates.

We recommend that you watch this small video to fully understand the power of segments and how you can use it to send hyper personalised messages to your subscribers -

Update - Now you can segment your subscribers based on whether they opened, did not open, clicked or did not click a particular/multiple broadcasts.

To use this feature, simply head to the "Segments" tab inside your MuxEmail account and you'll find this feature listed under the "Campaigns" tab as shown in the image below -

You can select a single or multiple broadcasts and segment your contacts as per your need and wishes as shown in the image below -

This particular feature comes in handy when you want to re engage with your subscribers who have been inactive for a long duration of time. You can simply create a segment of such contacts and send out an email to them.

You can also use this feature to keep your email list clean by creating a segment of inactive users and then unsubscribing them from your future emails.

Update - Custom field segmentation is here!

Now you can even segment your audience based on the value that have been assigned to them via the custom field. Simply navigate to Directory > Segment and simply select custom fields as a filter condition.

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