We have updated our text editor, but the templates functionality remains the same.

Templates are redesignable/reusable email layouts which can be used over and over while sending broadcasts.

We provide a number of these templates for free. We have tested them extensively on various email clients, so you can be sure that they'll look good on all devices. You can use them as it is or can also make changes to them if you feel like.

You can also create your own templates from scratch by using our very own HTML and Drag and Drop editor.

Note - At the moment it's not possible to embed videos in your emails as majority of email clients do not support it. So for now, you can take a screenshot of your video and embed it inside your email, then link it to your Youtube page (where the video is) or a page on your site that has the video.

We recommend that you watch this small video to help you get started with templates-

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