Merge tags help you add an extra layer of personalisation in your emails by allowing you to add first name, last name and email address of your subscribers in your emails.

It is mandatory for all your emails you send to have an "unsubscribeurl" and "senderinfo". Merge tags is the place you'll find both of them. Merge tags can only be accessed when you are drafting an email (either via normal text editor or Drag and Drop editor)

This is where you can find and use merge tags in your emails -

  1. For normal text editor, merge tags can be accessed as show in the image below

2 (a). For Drag and Drop editor, drag and drop the "Text Element" into the workspace like this -

2 (b). Then access "Merge Tags" like this -

3 (a). You can also add "unsubscribeurl" as a link element in any text by simply selecting the text you want to assign a link to, and clicking on the "link element", like this -

3 (b). And adding the {{unsubscribeurl}} in the space provided

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