Both MuxEmail and Sendy use your Amazon SES to send out emails. But they are completely different on many fronts.

Let's understand what are the major differentiators between MuxEmail and Sendy -

1. The first and the most obvious differentiator is that Sendy is a self hosted application. Which basically means you'll have to host it yourself on an an online Apache web server with Linux, PHP & MySQL support. You'll also have to create a MySQL database & user to be able to manage your subscribers. Even a developer might find this whole process a little tough and overwhelming to execute. But if you are a marketer, it will be almost impossible for you to setup Sendy without the help of your technical team.

But this is not the case with MuxEmail. You can simply signup, connect your Amazon SES, and start sending out emails in under 5 minutes. Not to mention, it's pretty easy to setup MuxEmail and can be done pretty easily by a person having a non technical background.

2. The second major differentiator is that MuxEmail is a tag based (or subscriber based) email marketing platform unlike Sendy which is a list based one. You can read more about what are tags and how they are better than lists here.

3. The third major difference being Sendy can only be installed on one domain per license. To install Sendy on more domains, you'll have to buy additional licenses. This is not the case with MuxEmail. You can connect and send via as many domains as you want.

4. The next major difference being, you might have to pay for a new license again + update your servers yourself, everytime Sendy releases a new update. This is not the case with MuxEmail. All our updates are automatically available to our users, free of cost.

5. Sendy does not include any pre-designed email templates. Though you can copy and paste pre-built HTML templates and edit these in their less-intuitive email editor.

With MuxEmail you have access to a library of free email templates that you can customise in our easy to use drag-and-drop editor. This saves you the time designing emails from scratch.

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