Not all your subscribers are the same. They have different interests and expectations from your brand. So if you are sending all your subscribers the same kind of emails, there is a huge possibility that they soon might become disinterested and unsubscribe from your email list.

So it is of utmost importance that you send emails which piques the interest of your subscribers.

So now the question arises how do you do it? How do you send hyper-personalised emails to your subscribers based on their interests?

The answer - using Tags and Segments to manage your subscribers in your MuxEmail account.

So let's say that you are a newsletter creator who has 3 newsletters titled - Everyday Finance, Everyday Sports and Everyday Music and you also have subscribers from native English speaking countries in the world (USA, Australia, UK, Canada).

Now, how do you make sure that people only receive the newsletter they have subscribed to? I'll show you how -

1. The first step is to create 3 different tags titled - Everyday Finance, Everyday Sports and Everyday Music.

You can do so directly from the "Contacts" page or by navigating to Directory > Tags.

2. Now, the next step is to "Import Contacts" and assign suitable tags to them. You can import contacts in bulk by navigating to Contacts > Import Contacts. Now once you've selected the CSV file you want to upload, you can select the tag you want to assign to all the contacts in that CSV file as shown -

Note - You can assign multiple tags to the list of contacts you are uploading. Also, any contacts with duplicate emails will only be uploaded once, making sure that you never send the same email to a subscriber twice!

Pro Tip - If your directory is already populated with contacts, you can upload your list of contacts again making sure that you assign a tag this time. All your contacts in directory (having matching emails to the contacts in the CSV file) will get overwritten with the correct information.

3. Now as I said earlier, you have subscribers from the native English speaking countries in the world (USA, UK, Australia, Canada). You want to send them the correct newsletter at the right time based on the time zone they are in. This is where segments come in. You can create various segments based on the country your subscribers are in and the newsletter they read as shown -

a. Select the right filter condition -

b. Click on the "+" to add a new card

c. Select the filtering condition as "Country" and select the country you want -

d. Select the filtering condition as "Tags" and select the correct tag (Everyday Finance / Everyday Sports / Everyday Music) -

4. You can create multiple segments like this depending on the filtering condition you specify -

5. Now it's time to send out the emails. Head out to broadcast and while selecting an "Audience" that will be receiving your email, make sure that you select the correct "Segment" as shown -

6. Now, let's schedule the broadcast to go out at the correct time by selecting the appropriate time zone, along with the correct date and time as shown -

So this is how you can send hyper personalised emails to your subscribers based on their interests using Tags and Segments!

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