Amazon SES is available in several AWS Regions around the world (17 if we want to be specific).

In each Region, AWS maintains multiple Availability Zones (there are 77 Availability Zones all over the world).

An Availability Zone (AZ) is one or more discrete data centers with redundant power, networking, and connectivity in an AWS Region.

Depending on the Amazon SES region you select, your emails get routed through one of the servers residing in one of the Availability Zones inside the AWS region you selected (Though Amazon doesn't tell us which server and which Availability Zone).

How do I select the right Amazon SES region and does it affect by deliverability?

There's no right way of selecting an Amazon SES region. You can select whatever region you like and your emails will go out from servers residing inside the Availability Zones in the region you selected.

But we recommend that you select a region which is closest to your physical location.

The reason for that is - Say your physical location is Berlin and you choose N.Virginia as your Amazon SES region. Then your emails will have to be routed halfway around the world to the servers in N.Virginia before they can be sent out. This can be avoided if you just select Berlin as your Amazon SES region.

But rest assured, selection of an AWS region does not affect deliverability of your emails in any way or form.

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