When your Amazon SES account is out of the sandbox, you're sending high-quality production email and are also constantly hitting the upper limit of your sending quota, Amazon might automatically increase the sending quotas for your account.

But if they have not increased your sending quota automatically, you can apply for an increase in sending quota as shown -

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/.

2. On the Support menu, choose Support Center, as shown in the following image.

3. On the My support cases tab, choose Create case.

4. Under Create case, choose Service limit increase.

5. Under Case details, complete the following sections:

5 (a) For Limit type, choose SES Sending Limits.

5 (b) For Mail Type, choose the type of email that you plan to send. If more than one value applies, choose the option that applies to the majority of the email that you plan to send.

5 (c) For Website URL, enter the URL of your website. Providing this information helps Amazon better understand the type of content that you plan to send.

5 (d) For the next step describe in detail how you will only send emails to recipients who have specifically requested your mail

5 (e) For the next step you need to explain the mechanism you have in place to handle bounces and unsubscribes.

Here you can write - " I use an online emailing application to send out emails which is available here: https://muxemail.com. This application can handle bounce, complaint and un-subscription effectively"

5 (f) For My email sending complies with the AWS Service Terms and AUP, select "Yes".

6. Under Requests, complete the following sections:

6 (a) For Region, choose the AWS Region that your request applies to.

6 (b) For Limit, choose the type of quota increase that you want to request. Choose "Desired Maximum Sending Quota" if you want to increase your daily sending limit. Choose "Desired Maximum Send Rate " if you want to increase the limit for the number of emails you can send in a second.

6 (c) For New limit value, enter the quota that you want to increase. Only request the amount that you think you'll need. Remember that you aren't guaranteed to receive the amount that you request.

7. Under Case Description, for Use case description, describe how you plan to use Amazon SES to send email.

Make sure to include these points to increase your chances of increasing your sending limit -

  • How do you plan to build or acquire your mailing list?

  • How do you plan to handle bounces and complaints?

  • How can recipients opt out of receiving email from you?

  • How did you choose the new sending rate or sending quota that you specified in this request?

8. When you finish, choose Submit.

Amazon will manually review your case and get back to you with a decision in the next 24 hours.

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