Since we use Amazon SES to send out your emails, Amazon SES is the one that does the work of tracking email opens and link clicks for us.

We then get that data from your Amazon SES account's backend and display it in the form of actionable reports.

How does MuxEmail track email opens?

At the bottom of each email sent through Amazon SES, Amazon SES inserts a 1 pixel by 1 pixel transparent GIF image. Each email includes a unique reference to this image file; when the image is opened, Amazon SES can tell exactly which message was opened and by whom.

The addition of this tracking pixel does not change the appearance of your email.

Moreover, If a recipient opens an email multiple times, Amazon SES counts each open as a unique open event. Allowing MuxEmail to give you a more accurate report on how people are engaging with your emails.

To track clicks, Amazon SES modifies each link in the body of the email (this does not affect the link you attached in any way whatsoever). When recipients click a link, they are sent to an Amazon SES server, and are immediately forwarded to the destination address.

As it is with open tracking, each redirect link is also unique. This enables Amazon SES to determine which recipient clicked the link, when they clicked it, how many times they clicked it, and the email from which they arrived at the link.

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