For your subscribers

We have created GDPR compliant forms which you can use to get explicit consent from your subscribers.

This feature can be enabled on the account level and adds an unchecked checkbox to your opt in form for your subscribers to verify that they are consenting to receive marketing emails. If the box remains unchecked, the Subscriber would receive the opt-in incentive (e.g. a free guide), but does not receive any tags in the platform indicating consent to email them.

You can also use this section to attach your privacy policy, where you can explain how you plan to use each piece of information you have collected from your subscribers.

You can use our GDPR compliant forms to get explicit consent from your subscribers.

For MuxEmail customers

We are transparent about the data that we collect and what we do with it. To familiarize yourself with this, please refer to our privacy policy. You can contact us at any time to access and modify any of your personal data.

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