By default, we include various fields which let you save information about your contacts (for example - phone, address, date of birth, first name, middle name, last name, country, zip code, state, gender)

But if you want to save extra information about your contacts, you can use custom fields to do so. You can use the data stored in these Custom Fields while drafting your email for a broadcast or a sequence to add an extra layer of personalisation.

There are four custom field value type we support as of now. They are -

a) String

b) Number

c) Date

d) Boolean

In this help article we are going to show you how to add a Custom Field to your contacts. So, let's get started -

1. In your MuxEmail account, navigate to any Contact's profile.

To get started click on any Contact from your Directory to access their profile.

NOTE: Don't have any Subscribers yet? No worries — just add yourself to your list as a single Subscriber following this tutorial, then come back to this article. (You can always delete yourself from your list later, if you want!)

2. Click on the edit button as shown in the image -

3. Click on the "Manage Custom Fields" button as shown in the image -

4. You'll be redirected to the custom fields page, where you can click on the "Create" button to add your custom field -

4. Enter your new Custom Field's name and type

5. Once you are done, hit the blue "Add" button

You can now find this Custom Field across all of your Contacts profiles.

Moreover this Custom Field will be available for you to match to relevant columns while importing your contacts via a CSV file.

The newly created Custom Field will be available for adding an extra layer of personalisation while drafting your email for a broadcast/sequence. You can access it under the "Tags" Section of your editor as shown in the images below -

Image - For text editor

Image - For Drag and Drop Editor

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