Connect MuxEmail with the apps you like and already use: introducing Integrately.

Integrately helps you connect 1000+ apps to your MuxEmail account easily without the need of programming. There are lots of use cases where it comes handy, e.g. you can connect MuxEmail with:

  • CRM systems (like Pipedrive, HubspotCRM, Zoho CRM and more)

  • Forms&Surveys (Gravity forms, Ninjaform, SumoMe, etc.)

  • Webinar tools (such as GoToWebinar)

  • Chat software (e.g. LiveChat, Slack)

  • Email Marketing tools (Mailchimp)

  • Video Marketing software (Wistia)

  • Event Management tools (Eventbrite)

But there are lots of other exciting ways to use Integrately with MuxEmail.

How does Integrately work?

Integrately helps you set up multi-step workflow which have a trigger and an action step:

  1. Trigger (the app that sends data to 3rd party app via Integrately)

  2. Action (the app that receives data from 3rd party app via Integrately)

List of triggers -

1. New Subscriber is added inside MuxEmail- Triggers when a new subscriber is added.

2. Contact is unsubscribed in MuxEmail - Triggers when an existing contact gets unsubscribed

3. Profile is updated inside MuxEmail- Triggers when a contact's details are updated

List of actions -

1. Add or Update contact in MuxEmail - Adds a new subscriber or updates an existing one inside MuxEmail

2. Unsubscribe contact in MuxEmail - Unsubscribes an existing contact inside MuxEmail

3. Create tag - Creates a new tag inside MuxEmail

How to create Integrately workflows with MuxEmail?

1. Login to your Integrately account here (or create a new one)

2. Once logged in you'll navigate to MY AUTOMATIONS and click on CREATE NEW AUTOMATION as shown in the image below -

3. Now you need to select the apps you want to connect. The apps you connect can be used as a trigger (the app that sends data to 3rd party app via Integrately) or as an action app (the app that receives data from 3rd party app via Integrately).

Note - You can create a workflow of more than 2 apps as well. In that case the app connected just one step above the last app will work as a trigger for the last app.

4. Once you've selected the apps you want to connect. Integrately will generate a list of workflows which is most commonly used by people -

You can either make one of these workflows live, or scroll down and create a workflow from scratch -

6. Now once you have decided on the workflow you want to build, its time to connect both of the apps you've selected to Integrately -

7. Once you have connected both the apps to Integrately, its time to map the data from both the apps to the respective fields.

Once that's done, hit Test & Go Live and you'll see that the test data has been transferred from the trigger app to the action app.

Note - Once you make your workflow live, the update time for records in the action app can be between 2-5 minutes depending on the Integrately plan you have selected.

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