Poptin helps you create advanced website popups and forms, and improve your website’s conversion rate within a few minutes.

Now using our native integration, you can send your leads automatically from your Poptin forms and popups directly to your MuxEmail account.

Here's how to do so -

1. Log in to your Poptin account and go to the popups/forms dashboard. Once there, click on the pencil icon next to the popup/form which you want to integrate with MuxEmail, and click "Edit Design".

2. Scroll down to "Email and Integration" and click on "Add Integration".

3. Search for MuxEmail from the integration list and click on it.

4. In Muxmail dashboard go to My Account > My Profile > MuxEmail Tokens > and copy your Workspace ID and API Key.

5. Paste your recently copied API Key and Workspace ID in your Add Integration prompt on Poptin.

You can also assign tags to the leads added via this form by clicking on "+Add tags" button.

Once the authentication is done successfully, click on the Approve Button at the bottom to save the integration.

Now you're all set to start sending leads automatically from your Poptin forms and popus to your Muxemail account.

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