Connect MuxEmail with the apps you like and already use: introducing KonnectzIT

KonnectzIT helps you connect 100+ apps to your MuxEmail account easily without the need of programming. There are lots of use cases where it comes handy, e.g. you can connect MuxEmail with:

  • CRM systems

  • Forms&Surveys

  • Webinar tools

  • Chat software

  • Email Marketing tools

  • Video Marketing software

  • Event Management tools

How does Integrately work?

KonnectzIT helps you set up multi-step workflow which have a trigger and an action step:

  1. Trigger (the app that sends data to 3rd party app via KonneczIT)

  2. Action (the app that receives data from 3rd party app via KonnectzIT)

At the moment you can only use MuxEmail in the Action step.

The list of actions you can perform on MuxEmail are -

  1. Add or Update contact in MuxEmail - Adds a new subscriber or updates an existing one inside MuxEmail

  2. Unsubscribe contact in MuxEmail - Unsubscribes an existing contact inside MuxEmail

  3. Create tag - Creates a new tag inside MuxEmail

For the scope of this article, we are just going to Add a contact in our MuxEmail using a 3rd party app (JotForm)

How to create KonnectzIT workflows with MuxEmail?

1. Login to your KonnectzIT account here (or create a new one)

2. Once logged in you'll navigate to Konnectz or click on Create Konnectz as shown in the image below -

3. Now you can simply drag and drop the apps you want to connect from the list of apps into space provided, as shown in the image below -

4. Now you'll be asked to connect your apps to KonnectzIT either using some keys or a webhook url. To check whether the connection is correct or not, you can hit "Capture Webhook Response" on the trigger app and see whether the data coming in is correct or not.

5. Next step is to simply map the data from the trigger app to your MuxEmail account's default field. You can do so easily by using KonneczIT's interactive drag and drop editor as shown in the image below -

6. Now once you are done with mapping information from your 3rd party app to your MuxEmail account, make sure that correct data is being transferred from the 3rd party app to your MuxEmail account and then simply hit Publish and your workflow will go live!

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