Importing your new templates into MuxEmail is simple – it just takes three steps:

1. Copy all the HTML from the inline version of the HTML email you want to add into MuxEmail. You can do this by opening it in Notepad or your Text Editor of choice and copying all the content.

2. In your MuxEmail dashboard, visit the Templates section as shown in the image below -

3. Click Create and then click on Edit to open the text editor. Once you get to the editor, select the Code View option as shown in the image below -

4. Paste all the HTML into the code view, replacing any content already there. You'll have to add {{unsubscribeurl}}} and {{senderinfo}} merge tags to be able to save the template.

Once the template is saved, you can re-use it again and again in broadcasts and sequences.

Note - Once you save the template, you might see a distorted preview (no need to worry the email will look exactly how you designed it). To be able to preview how your template actually looks, you'll have to navigate to the email preview page or you can send yourself a test email.

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